With Sandde, you actually draw in space. 


As an animator, have you ever wanted to reach into the screen with your hand and move your drawings?  With Sandde, you can.  

Sandde is the stereoscopic equivalent of a piece of paper and a pencil. This immersive, stereo-3D animation tool allows you to create 3D content with the graphic charm of traditional hand-drawn animation.  Whether you need to create a finished animation, a 3D storyboard, or a stereoscopic painting, Sandde offers quick and intuitive methods for getting your ideas out into a virtual 3D world. Simply pick up the Wand and draw!

Your drawing literally floats in front of you, taking form as a real-time trace of your hand movements.  In the words of award-winning animator Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville, The Illusionist), "It’s like walking around in your dreams."

How does this work?  As you move the Wand, the Sandde system tracks its position and orientation. Sandde then interprets the Wand’s coordinate data to create and display 3D stereoscopic lines that correspond to your real-world movements. And all of this outputs in real-time to any 3D display, so that you can see your work in 3D as you draw it.

A Great Tool for Animation Production, Storyboarding, Pre-Vis, or Media Art Projects...

A great tool for animation, pre-visualisation, or new media


Animation:  Sandde is a proven solution for professional animation productions. The system was developed as an in-house tool at the IMAX Corporation, and since then the Stephen Low Production Company and the National Film Board of Canada have become key partners in its evolution as a high-end animation work-horse. It was used to create sequences in large-format film releases such as The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti,Legends of FlightFalling In Love AgainFacing Champlain, the IMAX® 3D release, Cyberworld, and many others.

3D Storyboarding and Pre-Vis:  According to director Stephen Low, “It’s a quick way--in fact, the only way--of doing stereo storyboards and layouts, both for animation and actuality, so you know what you’re doing before you start the heavy-duty work.” Because Sandde was designed to facilitate quick and easy spatial drawing, it is a great tool for sketching out concepts and scenarios in 3D. You can even import 2D or 3D live-action videos and photos, and sketch right on top of them.

3D Artwork:  Sandde was developed on one simple premise: that animators like to draw. It’s an artist-centered system that puts emphasis on intuitive creation. No other system offers this kind of connection between the body in real physical space and the artwork in virtual 3D space. Our university research partners are exploring Sandde’s potential for expanded animation, gallery installation, and live performance. We offer special purchase programs for independent artists, academic institutions, and art institutions.



Sandde was originally developed at IMAX Corporation and – with the encouragement and assistance of the National Film Board of Canada – was further developed and commercialized by Janro Imaging Laboratory by license from IMAX. Janro Imaging Laboratory has been the home of Sandde software since 2007.

Janro Imaging Lab (JIL) was founded by Roman Kroitor, a Canadian filmmaker who began his career at the National Film Board of Canada in the late 1940s and is a co-founder of IMAX. Kroitor, the inventor of Sandde, has written, directed, edited, and produced more than 70 films in his lifetime, many of them award-winning.  





JOB CALL: Administrative/Personal Assistant  

We're hiring! Janro is looking for a part-time administrative/personal assistant to work from our office located in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal. We encourage all interested applicants to apply. Please send your inquires or curriculum vitae by e-mail. Closing date: May 22, 2014.

How many miles can the body take?

Janro Imaging Labs is proud to be collaborating with Studio XX to bring you this spectacular interactive 3D work by artist Zoe Bacchus as part of the official calendar for BIAN 2014. The exhibit runs from May 3rd to May 16th with a vernissage May 3rd, 7PM at Studio XX. FREE

Sandde Workshop April 5&6, 2014

Discover the Artisitc Potentials of 3D Stereoscopic Technologies. Concordia University (Hexagram) is offering a Sandde workshop April 5th & 6th, 2014. It is open to the public and registration is $20. No experience required. A wonderful opportunity for those interested to try working with 3D. Reserve your spot by sending an e-mail to the Hexagram coordinator

Janro Imaging and Concordia University Research Partnership

With a generous grant from Consortium en innovation numérique du Québec and MITACS, JIL is working closely with professors and graduate students in Concordia’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and the Department of Studio Arts to develop the user interface and hardware interface components of Sandde software.  Read more about the project here....

Sandde Studio Updates Available

Contact us for the latest update, Sandde Studio (released 30/03/2012)

Radio Interview on The Digital Life Show about Sandde + 3D Artwork

This week Reisa talks with Emily Pelstring, curator of an exhibit currently at Studio XX featuring Stereoscopic 3D Art created by Women.

Sandde included in "Canada Made" Series on History Television

"Timeshifting" episode offers "sneak peak at the newest Canadian advance in film technology inside a lab at the National Film Board, where animators are now creating 3D animations in real time" with Sandde!  Premieres on June 1st at 8 pm. 

Sandde Artwork Featured in 3D Art Exhibition at Studio XX

The Distance Between is an exhibition of 3D work by women artists working with a range of technologies, from handheld stereoscopic viewers to interactive video.  Curated by Janro Imaging Lab staff and including peices by Sandde Sponsored Artists and research partners.

Janro Imaging Lab Launches the Sandde Artists' Programme

The Sandde Artists’ Programme is part of Janro Imaging Lab’s ongoing commitment to making Sandde software accessible to a wider user-base.  This new programme allows any independent artist to access the tool at a discounted rate.